Denver Deep Dish Pizza

Name changed to Crush Pizza

1200 W 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Review Date: 1/23/2016

When they first opened I was very excited to have a deep dish place in the Northside.  Initially the pizza was decent, even good, but the last couple of times I’ve gone it has been a disappointment.  So much so that I’ll never give it another try.  The staff is usually pretty drunk toward the later hours and the quality of the food seems to be suffering from either cutbacks in the kitchen, low quality ingredients, or maybe the kitchen staff are as drunk as the front of house.  I have dined in, but usually pick up for takeout due to the inhospitable atmosphere.  Not terrible, just more cafeteria than what I’m looking for in a dining out experience for dinner.  Once when I called in an order from the airport, and I still had to wait an hour after I drove 35 minutes from the airport to the restaurant for them to produce 1 deep dish pizza.  The deep dish pizza I had recently:  really sucked.  I like a deep dish with lots of ingredients, especially meat.  My last order was sausage, peperoni, mushroom and fresh mozz. The pizza came with very little of the additional ingredients I ordered.  When I’m paying per added ingredient, I’m not expecting the quantity of the others to be diminished, I’m expecting more to be added on.  Plus because I ordered fresh mozz, the traditional mozz was not included in the pie, which resulted in a very un-cheesy pizza.  F’n yuck.  

Overall the quality also sucked, not delicious ingredients, rather they were flat, over processed flavorless meats.  The first time I dined here I had the smoked wings, which were really good, however the recent order I had were rubbery and undercooked.  So much that I had to cook them more at home the next day, which did not help the rubbery factor at all.  I’m not even sure how real chicken can have this rubbery texture, but they are downright gross and ended up in the trash.  Basically when I’m paying $30 for a pizza, I expect quality, taste and texture and deliciousness .  Sad this place has declined, wake up owners, drunk staff aren’t your friends or family, they’re employees – employees who are ruining your opportunity to run a good business.  If you’re saving money on inferior ingredients because business has declined, maybe you’re looking at the wrong issue.

Atmosphere: 2 – open, loud cafateria sports bar without the charm

Service: 1 – drunk aint fun from a server

Quality of Food/Drink: 1

Value for $: 1

Overall Impression: 1.25

Not recommended. Too many great pizza joints in Denver to waste your time or money.