Fire on the Mountain

3801 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Review Date: 6/12/2013

Awesome…wings and fries. Tons of flavorful sauces to choose from and their ranch and blue cheese dips are the real deal. Blue cheese just like my mother used to make. I’ve read some of negative posts, on line, and I totally disagree. First of all, if you want to eat veggies, eat veggies.  Don’t try to make a vegetable into a chicken.

Secondly, the wings are small because they’re not full of growth hormones ~ Its red bird chicken, which is why they’re small and delicious.  In addition, the fact that most people don’t care what type of chicken they eat, there’s no demand for healthy chicken (like red bird), therefore the price is higher.  

When more people start to care about the treatment of the food they consume the demand will drive the price down.  In the meantime people like me will pay the premium because its worth it to have fresh, natural Colorado chicken that’s done well by Fire on the Mountain folks.

Recommended: Yes.

Atmosphere: 2, it’s a small loud counter with a few tables and tiny bar. Best to take out, or sit in the patio if possible. It borders on fast food type place, not really set up for comfort dining.

Service: 3 – mostly run by young adults, who are not really into the whole customer service thing, and they’re super busy so it often feels rushed. I’ve had a few issues with my call in orders not being correct. The one time I had to call the manager, He gave me a gift card equivalent to my purchase for next time.

Quality of Food/Drink: 5 – I have to be honest though, I only ever order wings and French Fries, which are excellent.

Value for $: 5 – It’s on the pricy side for wings, but worth the quality.

Overall Impression: 3.75

Recommended: Yes