Sushi Hai

3600 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211

Review Date: 4/22/2012

Worst sushi place in Denver.  Food:  mediocre at best/ bad and dangerous at worst.  Service:  very bad, rude, (middle class uppity b.s. – give me a break please).  The worst:  green lipped mussels were served on broken shells.  Didn’t notice the shell was broken until the mussel was in my mouth with the most horrible flavor.  As I was with friends, I swallowed, even though my impulse was to spit.  Two of the five mussels on the Green Lipped Appetizer were on severely cracked shells.  One shell almost halved.  This can only mean one of two things:  1) they are reusing the shells and placing the mussel on with topping on the shell for service (using broken shells), or 2) the chef is serving broken and likely dead mussels, which is highly dangerous.  As I write this, I’m hoping that I don’t get sick.  The rest of the sushi was below average, something you’d expect to get in a grocery store counter.  Service wise:  we were sat in a lower level dining room, Sunday afternoon, 4:45ish.  The dining room was empty, with the exception of one couple.  We were sat at a table right next to the couple.  Before we sat, I requested a booth across the room.  We were told they were all reserved.  After 90 minutes, only one booth was being sat as wer were finishing.  I’d like to say only the hostess was rude, but the other staff were equally rude.  Our waitress:  rude/unfriendly, not knowledgeable about sushi, rattled off the incorrect items we ordered as she pointed to the fish.  The soft shell crab and another tempura roll were served cold, tempura soggy and cold; tuna, hamachi, sticky, not fresh, and underwhelming.  No offer for desert or anything else before dropping our check, even though we were celebrating a birthday.  Generally service:  just blah.  Two of us have fine dining background, and three of us food connoisseurs, and appreciators of sushi.  Although I’ve had sushi in coastal towns around the world, it is not unreasonable to expect quality sushi in Denver, as a matter of fact, we have had good quality sushi here, only not in this hyped up mediocre sushi bar, which happens to be in a good location.    Don’t waste your time, risk your health, or give these idiots your money.

Atmosphere: 3 – cool space, lots of interesting rooms below ground

Service: 1

Quality of Food/Drink: 1

Value for $: 1

Overall Impression: 1.5

Recommended: No.