Here you will find my honest objective blog about my dining experiences in various restaurants and bars in and around Denver, Colorado as well as during my various travels. 

I am a person who appreciates the effort and care that goes into the preparation and presentation of an excellent meal.  Few things in life come close to the gratifying experience of a great meal accompanied by excellent service.  Conversely nothing can be as off putting as paying good money and spending precious time on a bad meal or even worse: poor or downright rude service.  I work hard for my money, and I expect quality.

Each reviewed business can earn a maximum of 5 points, and a minimum of 1 points.

Each review will include ratings on the following five factors:

Atmosphere – cleanliness, décor, theme consistent with the type of restaurant.

Service – from greeting to closeout, all staff I interact with will be considered in this evaluation.

Quality of Food/Drink – freshness, smell, sight, taste, texture, variety, flavor.

Value for the dollar – Was the meal worth the cost?  This does not mean I am looking for bottom dollar, but if I am buying a $50 steak, it better be a very good steak.    

Overall Impression – The average of the four above values.

Also I consider how the overall experience was; how I felt being there and leaving; whether the estimated wait times were accurate; if my reservation was honored; and if there other issues that were not resolved.

I started this blog when I realized I was fed up with poor customer service or terrible food passed off as a quality meal.  I have been writing yelp reviews for years shouting the praises of an amazing meal, great service, or sadly a bad experience for any variety of reasons. 

Feel free to comment on the posts – keep it clean please.