100% de Agave

Mexican Restaurant and Bar

975 Lincoln St
Denver, CO 80203

Review Date: 7/28/2017

Food good, service average, prices a bit high.  Typical for Denver “white people” tiny tacos for $$$.  Only had tacos, the rest of the menu looks pretty good.  The reason for only 1 star service?  There’s a camera in the women’s bathroom.  When I asked the waiter why, he first denied it then he said it was because people were doing drugs in the bathroom.  WTF, even though there are still private stalls (maybe ~ cannot be sure), there’s never a reason to have a camera in the bathroom.  F’n pervs.  I will not be going back, don’t need to be spied on when doing my business, even if all they can see is what we’re doing in the mirror, sink, etc., it’s none of you’re damn business.

Atmosphere: 3 – nice downtown spacious place, cool decor

Service: 1 – camera in the women’s bathroom, then denial and bs reasoning for camera.

Quality of Food/Drink: 2 – mediocre overpriced tacos (seems to be a trend in Denver)

Value for $: 2, pricy for what you get

Overall Impression: 2

Not recommended – no need to say more