Old Major

American Wine Bar & Steakhouse

3316 Tejon St
Denver, CO 80211

Review Date: 6/11/2013

Pretentious ~ people and food.  I’m getting really tired of the trendy restaurants where the staff act like they are doing you a favor.  The fair was hit and miss and very pricey for what you get.  Nice conversion of the space into a pub, but the air is thick with snobbery. Wake up people there are plenty of really good restaurants to choose from, and you are not so unique that you do not have to try (or try too hard) . Overall an odd  experience. Next time you deliver the food, try not to put your fingers in my plate as you describe what I ordered.  You can explain just as well describe from six inches away as you can with your finger practically probing my steak. Good value, and food was delicious. Just an fyi to the service: good manners and customer service, sincere customer service, not phoney bs, is what will win repeat business.

Atmosphere: 4, cool, fun, trendy.

Service: 1

Quality of Food/Drink: 4

Value for $: 4, pricy but very good.

Overall Impression: 3.25

Yes, I would recommend giving them and I’d give them another try. Perhaps the service end of things have improved.