Blush & Blu

Gay / Lesbian Bar, lounge

1526 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80218

Review Date: 7/18/2021

There’s a long tradition of the relationship between bartender and patron.  I haven’t been in Blush & Blu in a couple of years, but found myself on a Saturday afternoon, parched, thirsty for a beer.  It was a bit crowded, but not overly so, several bartenders behind the bar.  I grabbed a seat front and center, the gal who took my order was unfriendly and a grifter.  I ordered a beer, she held her hand up to indicate $5 for the beer.  I lifted mine said hello.  No smile, no greeting, nothing.  She matter-of-factly said $5.  I handed her my card and enjoyed my beer.  A few minutes later she handed a younger bartender a margarita and said give this away, it was a mistake.  The younger bartender was handing me the margarita as we discussed what was in it.  The rude bartender grabbed the drink and handed it to another patron down the way, saying to the younger gal, they’ll like it.  Her service (or lack of) felt rude and dismissive, once again.  I asked for my tab and the total for my one beer was $4.  So… she was not only rude but increasing the price of my beer initially.  Her POS system obviously has my beer priced at $4, but she wanted to charge me $5.  Was she grifting a $1?  Was she thinking I’d pay cash and she’d just pocket the extra dollar and whatever tip I decided to add on?  F’n rude and a grifter.  I’m really sick of bad service, even if it’s just a $5 beer, I want to know my money and patronage is appreciated, respected.  It’s not about the $1, it’s about the principal on top of the rude service.  I don’t need to go into a place to be treated like crap by a person who is slinging cheap cocktails on east Colfax.  There aren’t many gay bars for women in Denver, unfortunately bartenders like her give the business a bad name, bad experience, and a bad review.  In the end I tipped her 50% on the beer, because in spite of my bad experience, I don’t let crappy people dictate my behavior, but I’ll likely not go there any time soon. Unless you fit the parameters of what this chick thinks is a worthy customer, expect her to be a rude grifter.

Atmosphere: 4,

Service: 1

Quality of Food/Drink: 4, the bud was nice and cold on a hot day

Value for $: 4

Overall Impression: 3.25

Recommended: Yes, but hesitantly. Chances are the owner goes through lots of staff, so I’ll try not to hold it against the place that one bartender with a bad attitude offended me. There are lots of other places I’d go for a drink first though.