Hacienda Colorado

Mexican restaurant and bar

4100 E Mexico Ave
Denver, CO 80222

Review Date: 2/22/2013

Mediocre at best.  This food sucks, and is a poor excuse for Mexican food.  Tastes and smells like taco bell and lacks any real flavor. I would guess the majority of their food comes from a can or is pre-packaged elsewhere.  It’s a shame, because good Mexican food is so easy to make fresh and homemade.  Dont waste your time, money, or health.  There are plenty of good restaurants in Denver to find good Mexican food ~ this is not one of them.

Atmosphere: 2.5, its a nice large cafateria style restaurant, and has nice Mexican style decor.

Service: 2

Quality of Food/Drink: 1

Value for $: 1

Overall Impression: 1.6

Not Recommended